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From ITU World Cups and the Olympic Games to Ironman 70.3’s and MRR-Icon-whitebkgrdIronman World Championships, Matty Reed has raced and trained for all distances throughout the course of his amazing 25+ year career. This multiple national champion has transformed his approach to triathlon and has adapted his skills set to balance swimming, cycling, running, nutrition and being a full-time dad.

Matty Reed loves to impart his knowledge and help athletes of all levels achieve their goals and exceed their own expectations. Matty Reed Racing is the culmination of a lifetime worth of knowledge, data and experiences for all athletes of all abilities. At Matty Reed Racing, we are all a team. Together, we establish goals, set a program around your lifestyle and work hand in hand to accomplish milestones. The program is adaptable for work, family and changes. Being able to adapt is a huge part of participating in athletic events and Matty is looking to work with individuals who want to gain fitness, well being and enjoyment for the sport of triathlon.

Matty Reed put in a solid swim to be second out of the water and into T1.“I am looking to share my training strategies and how to implement effective training into a highly fluid lifestyle of work and family. I believe in a combination of speed, endurance, and race specific training. Quality over quantity. I have been racing the last decade with kids and I believe time management and the sport of triathlon go hand in hand. Make the workouts count, and complete them at the right time and in the right way while targeting weaker areas and broadening strengths. If it is approached properly, you can make it all work and have a great time along the way.”

For 2015, Matty Reed will be offering a highly customizable, personal coaching approach to a handful of ready-to-learn athletes. Workouts are completely personalized while feedback and communication is extremely hands on with Coach Matty. You will be working directly with Coach Matty to establish a baseline, set short and long term goals, understand lifestyle priorities and find a path in triathlon together which leads to your success.

If you are interested in signing up, please contact Coach Matty Reed here.

Matty Reed Racing presents the ultimate personal coaching triathlon program.  Your concierge level experience includes one on one with triathlon’s best – Matty Reed.

With Matty as your new coach, you can expect the following 3 phase plan:

Personal Initial Consultation:

  • Matty will review your personal history, health, fitness levels, lifestyle, work commitments, time availability and goals (short & long term)
  • Matty will meet you in person (local), by Skype, or by Phone
  • Matty will review your past training / racing history

Season Planning:

  • Matty will work with you to help establish the best routine to accomplish your goals and suit your lifestyle
  • Matty will work with you to formulate a complete training and/or racing plan
  • Matty will include training cycles /phases tailored to your specific “A” race(s)

Concierge Coaching Services:

  • Communication is critical – Matty will be available by phone, text or email whenever needed. You will have his direct mobile number.
  • Matty will review all current equipment and assist with guidance for equipment purchases, including any potential discounts (where available).
  • Matty will help you dial in the perfect nutrition plan – leading up to a race; 48 hours pre-race; 24 hours pre-race; race morning; and during the race.
  • Matty will guide you through the mental preparedness which coexists with the perfect periodization program.
  • Matty will help you peak exactly when needed and learn the art of tapering and recovery
  • Matty will personally assist in your annual race selection and help guide you toward a path of racing success
  • Training programs will be communicated directly through Training Peaks with 7 – 14 day advanced scheduling
  • Matty will provide 24-hour feedback on workouts with as needed adjustments
  • Matty will be available for on-site target races* (details to be arranged mutually agreed upon by client and Matty)
COST: $550 per month (6 month initial commitment)